The best way to have a direct conversation with your target audience. Our experienced brand ambassadors know how to capitalize on every opportunity for one on one engagement. From compiling mailing lists at festivals, to ticket sales at events, or cost saving guerrilla targeting - our brand ambassadors will get the word out and get results.

Guerrilla: The street teams that map out main entrance ways to big events, target mass crowds, and set up shop right where your audience will flock, all without the need for costly signage or permits.

Expo: The classic booth set up at major events like conferences, events, tradeshows, and festivals. Take a formal approach to introducing potential customers to your brand, educate with product information ready to go, and set up next to your competition.

Lead Generation: Why not educate the public about your brand AND accumulate some contacts in the process? We’ll send our ambassadors out with ipads so we can convert passerbys to new customers with your latest promotions. After a relationship with a brand is established, a consumer will continue to seek that brand out. Passivity is out of style. Grab an email, it’ll last longer.