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Trevor brilliantly and systematically solves problems big or small all with the same passion, conviction and wisdom. He adeptly crafts compelling stories that provide solutions. Their arch is grounded in the challenge at hand and their message provides a rallying point that fosters collaboration amongst agency disciplines and partners.

Barry Teplicky, Forecast Specialist Ford Motor Company


Trevor is an amazing talent. He is thoughtful and insightful and uses both of those assets to create truly compelling creative. Trevor bridges the gap between traditional and digital and always comes at it from a big idea place that permeates all platforms. 

Kathy Delaney, Chief Creative Officer, Publicis Health/Saatchi Wellness


Trevor is clever, creative and tireless. He's not an 'ad guy', but rather a big thinking problem solver, working with great facility in all media because his goal is the solution, not the environment. His portfolio shows abilities that extend from product development through communication.

Janet Kestin, Swim Co-Founder