Agogo Books Campaign Guidelines



The idea of this campaign is to promote Agogo, a French online children’s bookstore, aimed at kids who are in French Immersion, or are bilingual / learning French.

Their book bundles are carefully selected and grouped into age-appropriate categories by language experts, aiming to provide the best French reading experience to a child of any age/level of fluency. 

French children’s books are incredibly hard to find in Ontario and the variety for each age group is pretty slim. Agogo’s books are imported from France, Belgium and other West European publishers and are almost impossible to find in the North American market. They are unique in every way – with some books doubling as toys. Some can be used in the bathtub. Others have pop up visuals. And every book is bright, colourful and perfect for kids of all ages.


We’d like to see the books in action. We’ve seen the reaction of kids when they get their hands on these titles and it’s amazing to watch them spend hours exploring the pages.

You should maintain your account’s visual style while best showcasing how the books would be used – by reading with/to your child/children.

It is entirely up to you how you’ll create this post. 

It could be a still photo, or a carousel or even a video/reel.

Please post 1 grid post/reel and 1 story.


Make your GRID POST personal – about your child/children learning French, or learning to read and the value in doing this. For example:

I’ve always had a hard time finding French books for Anna. She is in grade 3 in French Immersion, and an avid reader – however, finding new French books for her has been a difficult and costly chore since day one. Until I discovered @AgogoBooks – they are an online bookstore for French children’s books. Not only do they have an amazing variety of titles, but they’ve also grouped them into age-appropriate bundles, which ensures your kid keeps reading and learning and makes life so much easier (not to mention it saves you $$!).

Anna can’t put her new books down. Reading is her new “playtime”!  A very happy maman over here 🙂

This sample posts lists a few things: 

  • The difficulty parents in ON have when it comes to buying engaging French books for their kids;
  • The benefits of Agogo’s bundles – multiple titles selected by french experts, tailored to your child’s age group;
  • How much your kid(s) love the pictures, words, and Agogo variety
  • How this has turned reading French into FUN and not a CHORE

So this should be the structure of your caption. 

Your STORY on the other hand can be anything you like. Its main point is to attract attention to your post. 


Please tag:



And hashtag:

#frenchimmersionkids #agogobooks #bilingualkids #bilingualeducation #bilingualteacher #ad #agogopartner


Please send both the post image and caption to us for approval prior to posting.


Week of September 5 (after Labour Day). We’d like to get all our posts in by Sunday, September 11. Please let us know which day you are planning on posting yours.

We find that the best posting times are earlier in the day, but you can use your judgment on this, based on your account’s posting experience.


Make sure your engagement is AMAZING. Invite conversations and respond to every comment. Call out and hashtag friends/followers who have kids learning French or in French Immersion in your comments. Your engagement rate is the most important metric on this one.


There’s an award for the nano-influencers – the best post out of this test run will get a $50 boost from us, which will also help you attract new followers.