Creative Director/Spokesmodel/Actress

With a degree in Political Science, Trevor naturally avoided politics and took a junior copywriting role and is still a working ad writer to this day. He’s got experience in every category and advertising medium and is an expert at Brand Strategy, Design and Creative Direction – overcoming all manner of business challenges in his 25-year career. Trevor shakes a mean martini and keeps his gin cool next to his 4 Cannes Lions.



Social Media/Strategy/The Boss/Diva


Obtaining her MA in theatre, Iva decided to forgo the allure of stage lights, choosing instead to perform in agency boardrooms across North America. To the surprise and delight of awe-struck clients, Iva's transformed ideas into marketing success for 15+ years, delivering successful campaigns for a wide variety of clients. It’s Drama. Queen. Period as Iva’s flair for the dramatic provides great pleasure when bossing the guys around - and eating all the office chocolate. Encore!






If bar-hopping was a profession, Andrei would be platinum-certified across 3 continents. However, he had to settle for advertising, gaining 20 years of experience as a strategist and visual storyteller. Andrei brings ideas to life - on time and on budget - which doesn't make him less annoying when he argues politics over cocktails and client dinners. There isn’t an emotional connection he can’t create nor a wine menu he can’t master.