COVID-19 has the world on pause.

Quarantine, forced-isolation, and social distancing have created an overwhelming sense of both physical and emotional distance. The economy is seriously affected and most small businesses wonder if they can survive.

The medical staff in all hospitals is working round the clock, sacrificing their own health, to keep us all safe. They are the true heroes of our time.




Buy a breakfast for our heroes, while at the same time helping local cafes and bakeries.

Donate any amount you like - a $5 donation buys one breakfast – a freshly baked pastry and a cup of coffee.

For each 100 donations ($500) we collect, a local bakery will deliver 100 croissants and coffee to a local hospital. We will try to cover as many bakeries and as many hospitals in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area as possible.


*Note: we're not a charity, so we won't be issuing any charity receipts. Aside from a small PayPal fee, 100% of your donation goes into the program.

To buy breakfast for our heroes and help our local businesses in time of need, please click the donate button:

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